Cultural center - Zikům mlýn

Michal Šubrt
Czech Republic

Project idea

Cultural and sport center for small village Karlík in central Behemia. A place for freetime activites for village dwellers. First key feature is continuing shape with slope of landscape and possible entrance to the area from upper and lower two side as a second feature. This project use place of destroyed mill.

Project description

The shape of building reflects landscape of valley and it is conected with winding road on upper and lower part. This two entrances are connected with building with pedestrian path on the roof. Rest of the roof is covered by vegetation which is part of surrounding place.
The building contains multipurpose space for sports and some cultural events. For better visual invironment it is prevent form direct light from sun, but light come here from two sides. From south and from north, both way are indirect.
Second part of building is used for restaurant, becouse there are not any other restaurants or pubs in the village. Also it should be ver useful for tourist, because many tourist trails lead through this place.

Technical information

This building should be constructed from insitu concrete due to difficult shape and pressure on wall from slope. Surfaces are disigned from wood, concrete and alsou vegetation.


lecturer: Ing. arch Petr Lédl
lecturer: Ing. arch Petr Housa

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