living room & bedroom

Cristina Gliboceanu
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

The main task was to create a fresh, fully functional airspace.

Project description

Given the reduced space of the rooms, we have chosen to use the white color to the maximum. In the bedroom the main focus is the tropical theme photo. The same theme is continued in the living room, but already in a more bold version of tropical leaf representations. The living room has 3 rest areas: the soft seat under the glass, where books can be read from the library; 2 soft seats and a coffee table and two-way talks; comfortable couch. The geometric shapes gradually pass from lines to triangles, diamonds, squares and hexagons. They are a defining element of the project.

Technical information

The bedroom has the size of only 3x5.7m, and the living room of 2.7x5.7m. The room height is 2.8m.

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