Memorial of Mysticism in ancient cemetry

somayeh ravanshadnia,PH.D
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Design with the concepts of death and life
from the perspective of Eastern philosophy

The history of science ,industry and art ,basically each countrys’ cultural and religious identity is hidden in tombs of that country and (daralsalam cemetry)collection with its’ historical records of more than 1000 years that during continuous years, this area has been the shrine of scholars, mystics, notables, artists and great scientist in different shapes, can be the document of shiraz identity undoubtful that is vanished during the time and it doesn’t long that it resulted in everlasting vanishing.The daralsalam tombs, besides of historical, cultural and religious importance, has covered the abundant of paintings and figures and superior calligraphy from first centuries till this event as an large museum.


Design with the concepts of death and life
from the perspective of Eastern philosophy


Tower twists revolve around the mystical dance symbol together/
The protagonist at the edge of the cavity of the human symbol that looks at his grave is a symbol and you are not/,
Square Symbol of the Earth (squeezing the square on the land symbol of the grave)
The circle symbolizes the dome of the sky
The mystical tomb of the mystic in the water is a sign of the purity and calm of the mystic
Sama's mystical dance/
Underground Museum (symbol of the life of the dead on earth)
Closed space / open space / open space

Water (Confluence of Diffusion Light Water Music) / Gigantic Space Under the Arif Memorial tower/
Symbolic tomb in the middle of water/

The Transparent Wall of the Death Hall (only the Death Hall, the world of the dead, can be seen outside the symbol of the living world, a symbol that the dead can see the living, but not the philosophy of Avicenna)

emptiness & transparency in Islamic architecture:

Islamic art has always sought to create a space where the temporary nature of material objects to emphasize the emptiness and sense of space objects, considered in Islamic architecture, negative. Object space is not a positive, but the absence of corporeality or materiality is defined. This is another aspect of space or negative space better. Positive and negative space and form are equally important role. Space is synonymous with the absence of sensuality. The empty space in the arts and in Islamic architecture, the transparent nature of the matter and reveal the mortal and divine at the same time mixing the material forms, plays a positive role. Saw the wisdom to know the extent of transparency Islamic Art but most people saw his inner vision and spiritual know. ← possibility to influence the appearance of the interior and contents of the kingdom of God manifested in its material existence.
In this project, both blank space and transparency are used. The crevice created on the ground and the surrounding space around the museum, and the atmosphere surrounding the monument, which is associated with diminished mass or depletion of the same void transparency of Islamic architecture. It is clear from the project on the floor that it respects the transparent city of Armestan, which can be seen from inside these spaces. Also, the transparency of the walls creates an unbounded interior and exterior, in other words one The memory of the monastery.

The memorial tower :
Tower twists revolve around the mystical dance symbol together/
The protagonist at the edge of the cavity of the human symbol that looks at his grave is a symbol and you are not.
A prominent protagonist against a cavern: one is with all existence, and the other is merely a sea in mind; this contradiction is associated with concepts such as death and life, piety and nothingness, the memories of the vistas that exist in the country. Considering that in the cemetery of important monuments There is no such valuable value, but there is a historical mentality and a strong presence of history in it, which is the initial idea of the design, using memorials that are only remnants of them and between being in existence and being absent. This is the life between being and non-existence, the absence of existence that forms the idea of the plan. People have a strong presence in their minds, although not a work of them, there are only strong references and memories of them that form a non-material presence.
There are spaces filled and empty, dark and bright, transparent and opaque, negative and positive, to create energy at the surface and to absorb visitors into the atmosphere of the Aramatan.
The memorial tower creates a marked vertical axis that looks toward the sky. (Toward the heavens) The tower is built outside the museum's space and the connection is made through the basement.
Wade in the earth makes man separate from the greatness of the outside world and contemplates the unity of the inner world. This cavity, which holds in the water, reflects the clean feeling reflected by the light of the sky at the surface of the water

Cemeteries :
Cemeteries are a symbol of the past and history. They were magnificent and diverse set of elements that form over time and have been together. Thus, they are considered as an example of the growth process and boiling with the rhythms are competing for growth .View of cemetery symbols or shorter period of time that has been continuously developed over the years. Long lasting up to move into this space.
volumes of the project is located on land that is transparent with respect to the site within cemetery can be seen. well as transparent walls provide a unique boundary between inside and outside, the generally it can be said that transparency and expand vision is to provide movement. Physical movement and visual motion sometimes and sometimes spiritual and mental. The main element of this concept is the possibility of Vera and the visibility of the root causes of this discussion of concepts such as internal and external communication, persistence, integrity, and light and finally reach enlightenment., And also unite us, and Ramstan space.

The wall is a key element in design, which includes space, its existence in the Territory determines the physical boundaries and determines the social hierarchy of the living.
The wall in the Ramadan has a narrative narrative that highlights the important events that bring to life the memories of the people of Shiraz.The existence of two directional walls in a project that creates a gap in volume creates these two walls in one direction, which ultimately leads to a closed, tight, lightweight, concrete walls with no visible or accessible access. It is to be remembered that there is astray, wandering and humming and choosing the wrong path in life. The coolness of this space, due to the high concrete walls, the lack of light entering the space and its closure, in some way inspires a sense of death to the viewer. The walls of the walls are of reinforced concrete and lack any artificial lighting. On the other hand, these two walls reveal another aspect that, during this path, puts humans into thinking and contemplating in their own ways, which ultimately leads him to an opening, open space, full of light, a holy sanctuary space It is a symbol of choosing the right path in life and attaining human happiness and perfection. The atmosphere of the city of Aristocracy can be a metaphor for the transition from a limited and mortal life to an immortal life, and a passage from the threshold of this mortal life and the abandonment of constraints and bottlenecks, passing through darkness and shadows and drowning in the light. These walls form the circle He interrupts the temple, in fact, is a metaphor of the end of life and the continuation of life after death. The memorial tower, which is next to this path, is on the way to the track and is a memorial that we leave on the path to life.

circle and a square forms:
The use of holy memories and forms must be made with elegance and in certain places. The most important common forms of eternal forms in monotheistic temples and religions are the shape of a circle and a square. The artistic religion is non-personal and repeatable and relaxed. In this project we use square geometry Through a pass to the circle, in the tradition of the founders, this passage from the square to the circle is a symbol of passing from the earth to the sky. The square and the square are complementary symbols of the two faces of the earth and the sky.

In the pilgrimage of the house of God, he feels closer to Allah than anywhere else, as the graves of the graves are more exposed to the effects of the mortal souls when visiting the graves, so that in other places, spiritually, the mortal population causes The peoples of the world refrain from immortalizing the worldly affairs and return to God. The wise men take advantage of the pilgrimage of the graves and see the followers of Aristotle who were accustomed to pilgrimage to him when solving the complex problem of the tomb and where the solution It was revealed to them.
Now we come to the point of the matter. The mystery of the pilgrimage of the grave speaks to one who has a strong soul. Such a soul belongs to his grave, and when he comes to life, his soul also remembers this grave, since both of them share a single place, they meet together. They meet like two mirrors, so that the beams of each one are reflected in the other. In this way, two bits of science are exchanged, the transfer of which is like when light is transmitted from one mirror to another. To Ghazali, all the divine rules are written in a protected tablet, and this tablet is like a mirror that can receive all the "traditions of the universe" [= the roles and effects of science]. But the human air and his material interests between his heart and his reserved heart, which belongs to the kingdom of the earth, metaphorically create a barrier between these two mirrors. When this obstacle is removed, part of what is on the tablet is transmitted to the human heart like a sparkle. In this case, the concept of reflection has been applied in two ways: a project on the ground floor of a project standing in front of the armenian is a metaphor of a human being The pilgrimage of a person's grave goes with the use of our materials, the glass that displays the site of the utopia and this tablet is like a mirror that can receive all the "traditions of life"the roles and effects of science from the deceased. And the use of water in a project that reflects the building and the sky (a metaphor of human air and material interests that are reserved between the human heart and the body, It is an obstacle to the creation of the kingdom.

Project description

Daralsalam tombs is accounted one of the signs of civilian and shiraz retroactive point. Designing of souvenir mystics, luminaries artists and scientist which has buried in this place, caused the historical nostalgia of Shiraz and changing the hectares of inactive space of city center to alive and active civic space.

Technical information

Research purposes:
1.Changing the hectares of the space of city center to alive and active civil space.
2.Designing souvenir for luminaries ,mystics, artists and great scientists which have buried with the purpose of remembrance of historical nostalgia of shiraz city

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