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Autobank Building

mohammad hassan forouzanfar university of qom
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Auto bank Building concept
Given the dual nature of the building that have appropriate human presence and car simultaneously offers. spaces and functions and features that emphasize this difference is:
The project is trying to define of the commercial sector and the administrative department of the Bank separately with flexibility in grammar form, different materials, fit in any space and else, it's important to highlight and set provide integrated and legible.

Project description

The building consists of two forms disparate and stranger that are lightly together. and any one of them have different performance and nature of atmosphere.

Technical information

the motion, soft and flexible form (bottom form) with an emphasis on horizontal lines relation with the cars. And more than another, emphasis the speed and fluidity of space.
top form, according to the administrative user, show shell semi-transparent and semi-naked and standing with regularly lines that reflects the heavy character and accurate bank office.