3 Bedroom House's Interior Design

Irisa Zusi

Project idea

It is a 3 Bedroom apartment, located in Tirana. It's modern interior design was typically used as a reflection of the owners, a young couple with 2 little kids. My client wanted to create a space that was warm, inviting and most important functional. So my Design Concept was to create something airy, fresh, comfy and yet still sophisticated with a little hint of a feminine touch.

Project description

The basic key to designing this space was the "Pop of color" and of course using luxurious textures, fabrics, stylish furniture, accessories. I had to make shure that each space was distinctive and comfortable as well that could suit perfectly to my client's tastes and needs.
The first thing you see when you walk in, is the foyer, which leads you to the living room on the right and to the bedrooms on the left side. The living room is connected and integrated with the eating area and the kitchen and the terrace. The whole ambient has a great view from the top of a 8-floor building, which makes it very peaceful, quiet and romantic at afternoons. The rooms are quite big and have great light which allows me to bring some color inside, add life, play with a lot of textures and fabrics and still keeping things cool. I was completely drawn to cold, bold colors such blue, green purple etc and bounce it with light and soft furniture colors. Just to add more contrast and character to the space. Mixing materials such as wood, metal and marble was interesting and i really loved how it came out.
The rooms are organized symmetrically, which becomes as a focal point of each space.
The whole house is painted in light beige but wallpapers added partially on the walls is something that really creates dimension, harmonizes with colors and makes it unique.
The overall design of this apartment is to give a great first impression, modern, timeless and yet still love to live in.
I think that little accents here and there makes this apartment cozy.

Technical information

The house is recently constructed, new, it has thermal and acoustic insulation.
I used marble tiles for the day time ambient's flooring, and warm-light color wooden parquet only for the bedrooms.
Mainly in the kitchen, living room or corners which needed more light I used hanged ceiling and some spot lights, but still keeping the space tall and breathy.


Architect Irisa Zusi

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