Project idea

The house is always warm and welcoming. A place where you feel calm, surrounded by their loved ones.
This place is represented in this project house. The idea taken a compass that directs living in this family on the right path. To give a benchmark. The wooden frame is a circle, inside of which sealed the fireplace - the heart of the home. But the main feature of the house is that it is afloat.
The whole island of five houses and each with its own history. They are all on the water

Project description

The first stage of the project study area. In this case, the Green island in Rostov-on-don. Identify composite axis
The second stage of the project - sketch
The third stage - development planning
The fourth stage - design drawings
The fifth stage, the design of the tablet

Technical information

The bearing system - frame, walls and roof - foam concrete, construction of the rings - tree


Teachers: Doynizin A.A.; Chernichenko E.A.