Duplex Lužická

Tereza Šašková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Architecture
Czech Republic

Project idea

Interior design of duplex in a lucrative district Vinohrady in Prague, furnished especially with veneer custom made furniture.

Project description

The main living space has L shape floor plan. The main part of kitchen unit is minimalistic and uses whole height and weight of the room. Small space was made bigger by using white lacquered kitchen unit door. This surface reflects light, so it evokes feeling of bigger and airy room. Counter top is made from American walnut, which is composed into V shape, it makes nice ornament. From the same material is the island, which connects kitchen and dining part of the room. Dining part is then connected with living part by living room storage system NUX.​

The bedroom in the upper floor is furnished with the bed, from my collection NUX, with headings which was veneered by Zebrano wood. The door into dressing room adjacent to the bedroom were later designed in the similar style and also veneered by Zebrano.

Technical information

The duplex is furnished in a practical minimalistic style.
All the furniture has special details, for example to open dressing room fully, we chose folding door. Its left and right part can be folded to the side. It is also in the attic, so it was necessary to choose atypical solving. At the same time, there is no need to use a rail on the floor for this door system, so free passage is not limited, and there is also no need to drill into the solid wood floor.

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