Landscape Design of Residential Complex "Barcelona" in Kiev

Andriy Golub, Ph.D.
Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Project idea

The idea of the project is to create the internal space of the residential complex, which could be used in different seasons for different age groups of the population and unite residents around common interests, such as joint review of movies, play mini golf or table tennis, skiing sledding in winter or biking in summer.

Project description

Residential Complex "Barcelona" is located in the suburbs of Kyiv, now the first quarter of the complex is built and the second quarter is being built for which the project was developed. To ensure a sufficient number of parking places, the underground parking located at the ground floor and internal space for residents at the first floor were designed. The entrances to residential apartments are started from the first floor and the service premises (hairdressers, shops, etc.), commercial offices are situated at the ground floor.

Technical information

While working on a landscape design, the team of architects faced with the problem of inability to pour enough of soil to be placed the trees with big root system (need to fill up near 1.5 m) on trestle over undeground parking, that's why the "artificial trees" made of metal for shading playgrounds and creation of favorable stay conditions were designed. Shrubs were also placed in the individual boxes.


Veronika Pogorelova
Inna Dobrovolskaya
Kristina Golub

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