Music school

Ranim Zazo
Szent István University - Ybl Miklós Faculity of Architecture
Syrian Arab Republic

Project idea

The concept has been built from the intention of the Echo. Music is an exquisite thing, you can hear it by the silent moments between the musical notes. And in architecture, the silence is the emptiness and the sound is the mass.
So to express the feeling of the music we can create something like that it could be named the contrast between spaces, the empty one, and the block.
The sound surrounding the land are birds twittering, wind, river, and people voices
all of them play as background music in the place, we can't ignore all of that but we should make it as a part of the building tune.

Project description

The function of the project is about music so, the design should give the expression of music it should give the feeling of hearing music by seeing the building
Also, it should create special memories for the user or visitor. The design should be connected with nature and the environment around especially with the revere
A physical element is an important part of the design which is the echo, it means the visitors could create the echo from their sounds or music in some places in the building to bring fun to space.
Elements of the project:
A: Concrete hall, AA1: Buffet, AA2 Galler, B: Foyer, C: Music Theory Hall, D: didactical hall, E: teaching room, F: Offices, G: Multi uses space.

Technical information

Provide physical analysis by using digital methods. and Show the connection with the environment “Light, air, and nature.
Material suggesting with specific kind of material for sound Isolation and heat Isolation it could be found in the material markets.
present the plans of the project, sketches, faced and elevations interior and exterior with details then use the designing programs to prove that concept is working specially for the echo spaces.
The material is concrete, wood, and glass.
• The structure cladding for curvy wooden walls in the main façade also part of the wavy roof. It will transfer to the construction sit by dividing it into three pieces, the cut will depend on the curvy shape and will be chosen by the designer


Individual project.

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