The headquarters of IT company

Elizaveta Kovalevich
Saint-Petersburg Mining University
Russian Federation

Project idea

This planning solution is based on the idea of creating a comfortable living environment for IT professionals. On the territory of 9 Hectares are located: 1. Housing in formats-individual residential buildings, town houses, apartment buildings. University teachers , students, and employees of IT-companies rent apartments in townhouses and individual residential buildings. Guests of the city will stay in the apartment. 2. Intellectual center-a University where students receive higher IT education and participate in scientific research in this field, improve their skills. The scientific and educational space was created in order to attract promising technology companies interested in highly professional personnel. IT-City is a city where innovative solutions are developed and commercialized.

Project description

The headquarters of the IT company is located in the central part of the settlement. The project of the office center is divided into two blocks:

1. Company's main office
2. Educational center (university for advanced training).

My main idea was to create and organize state-of-the-art workplace for people, working on the high-end of information technology. There is a lot of space to relax and to rest. Working in IT usually means spending much time in front of computer, so it’s essential to provide green zones where employees can walk and and give a rest to their eyes. The urban landscape design is represented by such objects as Park, sports grounds, mini-Golf field, Central alley.

Exchange of information, communications and trainings become the most important part of all kinds of office activities. So this singularity needs special planning and technological solutions. Scientific and educational space is created to attract promising technology companies interested in highly professional staff.

Technical information

Site plan M 1:5000, Annotation, Master plan М 1:2000, Legend Master plan М 1:500, Landscape object, Facade lighting, Section M 1:200, Ground floor M 1:200, 1 st floor M 1: 200, 2nd floor M 1:200, 3rd floor M 1:200, Facade M 1:200, visualization.

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