Elderly house

Seba Rzk
Szent István University - Ybl Miklós Faculity of Architecture
Syrian Arab Republic

Project idea

The project is 30 beds elderly house in Budapest. My main concept with this project was involving the local community in some activities, so the project has social aspect. The aim of this project is not just to have a shelter, but to have interactive atmosphere with the neighborhood. Trying to involve both, the residents and the local community, with activities such as social activities or gardening. At the same time, I was trying to respect the privacy of the elderly.
To provide these features, I tried to make the ground floor more for the public activities, and both first and second floor to have more private spaces. The semi open garden and the side access help to provide communication with the surrounding. Roof garden provide kind of quiet place for those who would like to have a quieter time.

Project description

According to the land shape (triangle), I was trying to make the main entrance facing the direction of the road, making the building welcoming the visitors. Secondary entrance provides direct connection between the neighborhood, multi function hall and the semi open garden.
The garden is open to the north, where we can find a small waterway. This garden has natural connection with the surrounding, so you can have a smooth transformation between the garden and the waterway.
For the residents in the first floor, a seats along the corridor and a balcony facing the outer view where provided, to keep the visual connection for the elderly.
Strong structure formed the general shape of the building, a mix between Mediterranean character with the arches and local character with simple vertical and horizontal lines, deep apertures for the widows and brick cladding. Brick was used for the most of the building, gray paint was used in some parts to keep the focus on the general shape of the building

Technical information

while I started working on this project I was trying to think about architectural, structural and social solutions in parallel. To get the advantage of the land as a garden, the parking was placed in the basement. The problem that I face while working on the basement and the garden is the structure, which supposed to support the first floor. Main beam and big column was used to provide the support, so we were able to use the garden in a good way.
Ground floor was planned to have interactive atmosphere, on the other hand, the first floor was planned to keep the privacy of the residents, second floor is for socializing, gardening and relaxing. The roof garden will be part of the activities for the elderly, which will help them to keep active and positive.
For the structure, which form the main character of the building, space frame structure was used to deal with the big span.


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