Aluma Maria, Bennasar Guadalupe, Ghiringhelli Clara
Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Tucumán

Project idea

We intend to represent Burkina Faso's culture through a formal synthesis. From the study of different ethnic groups and their first settlements in Ouagadougou's area, we recognized circular organizations as the main reunions of the community. The circle represents the sense of union, encounter and community life of the locals. The new Theatre Populaire, together with the CDC and further activies that complement it, seeks to contain cultural and artistic activities, be a meeting point for everyone, and distinguish itself from the urban site to be a landmark.

Project description

Our urban proposal is based on providing a unified cultural walk, beyond the limits of the terrain. Regarding the architectural project, we present different spaces, each for different activities linked through a eart brick wall that comes of the circle tangent, which works as a hall for the main building: the Theatre. Our main intention is to provide the users with a variety of open and closed spaces in response to the program. Also, we thought of working with local materials to promote sustainability and to connect with the place's culture.

Technical information

The goal of the project, regarding urban matters and master planning, is to create a new center of art and culture for the city to grow in these areas.
Technical specifications of the project resolutions are, local earth bricks desinging a brick lock that will allow us to provide natural illumination and ventilation. For structure we will work with steel and concrete, and lightweight material like bamboo and for outdoor roofs.

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