Le Termitiere Green Amphitheatre

Diego Helguera, Luz Helguera, Ana Ines Sobrino
FAU-UNT, facultad de arquitectura y urbanismo, san miguel de tucuman, argentina

Project idea

The main idea of ​​the proyect is to use the irreplicable beauty of trees to protect the theater from the heat of sunlight and use them as an acoustic
barrier from external sounds and to absorbe reverb.

Project description

The proyect “Termitere green amphitheatre” seeks a simple solution to the program necessities and it does so by articulating the different areas with a closed circulatory loop. This means that everything is resolved inside one building that, as a whole, is prepared to function to take every natural resourse and use it in its favor (wind from the south is expected to naturally acondition the building, zenithal openings have been given to provide natural lighting, crossed ventilation and to make possible the expulsion on hot air through the highest parts of the ceiling.
The idea at a urban level is for the building to integrate to the city as a green public space, and to exist as a part of a public area along with the Saint Jean church, the Stadium and the comertial complexes of the surraundings.
We try to preserve the current reputation of “green theater” and at the same time giving the building a new identity. This is achieved by using vegetation as a constructive material. We attempt to introduce this ecological construction resourse to the Burkina Faso people.
We understand that this proyect would be most important cultural center of the country and that is we we chose such an important scale.
The volume that hosts the stage area is suppesed to work as a urban lighthouse. The purpose behind this is to attract people from close proximities.
In the center of the compound, two large plazas have been created at a lower level, these plazas are ment to recolect rain water that will later be sent to the waterway that is located close by.

Technical information

Main materials used are: solid brick, polished concrete, trees, native fabrics, and cane. Most of the structure is reinforced concrete except for the metalic roof

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