Interior Design

The Interior Design of the" Olimp "Theoretical High School in Anenii Noi, s.Puhãceni

Valeria Gusovschi
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty
United Kingdom

Project idea

The overall objective of the project is to improve the quality of the education infrastructure and the endowment of the Olimp Theoretical High School, leading to an increase in the quality of the educational process.
The fulfilment of this general goal is conditioned by the following objectives:
1. Upgrading the high school infrastructure, proposing quality
multifunctional furniture, modern design concept, training some ideas and activities in teaching centered on students, taken from the top schools around the world.
2. Improving the educational process by equipping the school with teaching equipment. The direct beneficiaries of the project are both the 358 current school students and the 47 people who constitute the teaching staff and auxiliary staff within the institution.
3. Creating aesthetic and functional conditions beneficial to a high-performance education study.

Project description

School is a place where children come daily to prepare themselves for the future. Between the walls of this building is the tomorrows day.
The reason for choosing this subject derives from the desire to document this topic, because it is extremely important for society.
In conclusion I can say that the proposed objectives have been achieved. In the design project the ergonomic standards have been observed, modern quality materials have been used, furniture for children with vertical adjustment, specific colors and beneficial to the study process.
As an integral project, the modernised high school is a perfect space for children's education and development.

Technical information

The project contains:
- technical plans (AutoCad)
1.General plan- first floor and second floor
2.Furniture plans
3.Floor plans
4.Ceiling plans
5.Electricity plans
6.Socket and switch plans
7.Section 1-1
8.Section 2-2
- 3D visualization (3dsMax)

Basic construction - ground surface - 1212.7 sqm
The high school building consists of basement +2 levels (ground floor + 1 floor)

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