Le Lien

Garber Georgina, Gomez Lopez Maria del Rosario
Universidad Nacional de Tucuman - Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Project idea

The project of re-functionalization of the amphitheater of the "CDC: La Termitiere", aims to give a new image to the current complex, fulfilling its potential as an important part of community. It also seeks to solve the existent drawbacks within the complex, majorly due to the lack of spaces for cultural activities, the fragmentation and the little to none interrelation between the activities carried out in the amphitheater and the preexistent buildings.
The idea of the entire project will revolve around a large courtyard where activities converge, and two new buildings that will house necessary functions to modernize and improve the complex.

Project description

The core of the project rests on the significance of the tree in Burkina Faso:
"...The main gathering structure of Burkina Faso is the tree. It is there where people meet, sit in the shade and discuss...”
Therefore, the project was organized around a large patio, which, with the tree in its centre, will be used to generate a confluence space, both for the existing activities in the complex and for other proposals alongside the two new buildings.
This patio will be "the link" that will allow the articulation between the new and the old. The term “Lien” stands for "link or bond", reason for which it was chosen to synthesize the spirit of this project.

Technical information

The proposal was made with thoughtful consideration of where the project will take place, taking into account the high temperatures that characterize the location, as well as the local construction techniques and materials available.
The proposed structures respect these characteristics, simultaneously seeking to innovate in the manner of using the materials, in order to provide the modern image desired for the CDC Complex.
These new proposed buildings have modular measures and will be able to adapt to any needs that arise. The main material used was adobe brick. Thermal conditioning and protection from solar radiation was achieved through the use of wooden parasols and natural vegetation, honoring the surrounding nature.


Gomez Lopez Ma. Rosario

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