Adaptive Reuse of the Industrial Hall in „Tracom” Industrial Park, Chisinau

Victoria Lungu
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

This project addresses the adaptive reuse of abandoned industrial sites as a solution to global problems such as environmental pollution and urban expansion. The design intent is to convert an old and empty industrial hall, located in „Tracom” Industrial Park in Chisinau, into a modern multi functional space for both employees and nearby residents. Due to the collapse of U.S.S.R. and economic crisis in Moldova, the capital is full of abandoned post-soviet industrial sites. However many of these buildings could be reused for a different purpose and fulfill the current needs of the society. Therefore, the adaptive reuse of the industrial hall will contribute to attracting investments and new economic residents, diversifying opportunities in „Tracom” Industrial Park and promoting the reuse of old buildings as a sustainable strategy.

Project description

The concept is launched on the grounds of the former tractor factory which operated in Chisinau at Soviet times. Nowadays the industrial hall does not function and is in bad condition. The project proposes a series of interventions both inside and outside the industrial building, thus increasing the attractiveness of the place for new sponsors and visitors. The main idea is to retain the Soviet atmosphere, but also modernize the interior and exterior to make the space more comfortable and appealing. In order to diversify the range of services provided within the Industrial Park "Tracom", the new complex includes 2 cafeterias, production area, co-working area, leisure and sports area and 2 multipurpose halls (for cultural events, concerts, exhibitions etc.).
The project also focuses on the social aspect, providing comfortable spaces for work and recreation to fight the professional burn-out syndrome and improve the health of the employees. Semi-enclosed paved areas and green spaces outside were designed to raise the air quality and the level of comfort. The multilevel parking provides 160 lots for the users/ visitors of the new complex. In order to emphasize the building among the dull industrial constructions nearby, the facades were proposed to be covered by glass panels and a system of curved fins made of aluminum. Due to the „wave effect” of the fins, the building looks dynamic, breathing new life into the surrounding urban environment.

Technical information

The structure of the industrial hall is typical Soviet, with an area of about 3.7 ha. The project aims to preserve and consolidate the existing resistance structure in order to maintain the Soviet design and spirit of the place. However, a part of the roof will be demolished and replaced with saw tooth roof. This type of roof will provide uniform, natural light over the two multipurpose halls. The cafeterias and co-working area are organized in two floors. All the major zones function independently and have 3-4 separate fire exits. In order to make the building more accessible for visitors, elevators and WC for disabled are added. To ensure the durability of the construction, anti-incendiary, anti-corrosive and anti-seismic measures were taken into account during the designing process.

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