Berat Bajrami
UACS | University American College Skopje

Project idea

This idea of the project was designed according to the required conditions and according to the way of life in this area Burkina Faso.
In this round, the primary thing in this concept are materials that can be easily found to achieve the desired design, after that analysis the managed to design this so-called set of objects where the whole idea is to achieve the design when it is seen at first glance to look like a whole. The whole form and design of the theater and the accompanying facilities meet the needs of such a complex. It should be noted that the cost of construction or realization of these facilities is very economical because economic materials are provided which can be easily found in the area.
The colors used as a design are based on the traditional colors of the country where the flag of Burkina Faso has those colors and according to the analysis even in manifestation or traditional clothing these main color combinations are used. They are red, yellow and green. The whole idea of these projects is to bring new innovations for this environment, but still to preserve the traditions and culture of the people.

Project description

The whole complex is provided with facilities that meet the needs of the competition, such as WORK and THEATER spaces with all requirements, SHOW spaces such as LABO area. All spaces have sufficient height for different performance and activities, also there is a public toilet for men and women and for people with disabilities. The four educational spaces required are extremely spacious of 150m2.
Water as a problem in this area to have in some places for different needs where is required. In all spaces or places, the events in this complex make the visitors feel free and calm, where the color visages are the same throughout the complex.
It should also be mentioned two towers which are located at the entrance of the complex where they serve the visitors who can photograph the complex as well as the surroundings of the complex where the same can also serve as FOCAL POINT of this complex.
For the central part I have planned to have (PLACE FOR TEMPORARY STALLS) AND (ADVERSTING AMD SIGNAGE) where the same amount will serve for the visitors of the complex for different needs.
In addition to the requirements for parking planning for staff, also there is a planned parking spaces for visitors who will visit the complex.

Technical information

All buildings are designed to have materials that are very easy to find near the location, such as wood, concrete and steel.
All of them contain these materials which are mentioned earlier. Detail which should be mentioned is the part of the roof, all objects are with two types of roof systems due to the resistance of strong rays of the sun where the first part contains the metal sheets between which there is one ventilation space and the other part contains the traditional roof cover which is used by the citizens of this region.
In some cases, we adhere to the rules of greenery, but we know that there is no eternal wood, and for this reason the best thing to do is compensate this greenery by planting new trees and greenery for the theater. As a protection of the tradition and culture of the people, the used colors as a symbol of these people and the traditional cover.
The whole design of the complex, where it can be said that from the smallest detail of the complex to the seats of the theater are designed in a word, there is no detail left without being designed.


Toni Vasic, PhD


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