Self sufficient eco-house in Prague

Magdaléna Jileckova
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The idea of the house was to promote sustainable living in the suburban area of Prague - Kyje. The house itself, by its shape, is creating a partly closed atrium, which provides a high level of intimacy for its inhabitants. The substantial mass of the first floor is supplemented by a light second-floor construction, creating the impression of levitation above the ground. An important element of the house is its relationship to public space, the house itself adds a space where the public can go and sit in the front yard.

Project description

The project includes both, the interior and the exterior of the house to a highly detailed level. Moreover, the key moments of the construction were developed to detailed technical drawings.

Technical information

The construction of the house is from CLT wood panels, all elements use systematic solutions. The only exception is the console, which is supported by steel columns. The foundations of the house are made of concrete.


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