Interior Design


Crivenchi Victoria Oleg
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

Cafe-bar is a place in Moldova. The aim of this project is to create an aesthetic design that combines the useful with the pleasant. It must also have a comfortable entourage
to give the customer the desire to return to this place.

Project description

Any interior of a room expresses the interior world of the designer and customers. When I created this project, my basic goal was for the interior to create a comfortable entourage and to provide a good mood to each client. In the Cafe -Bar project I used either the fine color palette, with vivid and lively accents,equipped with a simple decor combining use with pleasure. This cafe has a capacity of 79 seats. I decided to place the bar table in the middle to incorporate more seats, which is beneficial for the customer. I also used soft furniture to offer interior refinement and comfort to customers.

Technical information

The total surface of the room has 210 square meters. It is a real object, at each opening of 6m we have columns. We used materials such as plasterboard, ceramic wall and floor tiles, washable paint, glass. I was inspired by floral, cosmic and natural motifs. .


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