Interior Design

Coffee house

Ostrev Diana
Technical University of Moldova, Urbanism and Architecture Faculty

Project idea

The purpose of the design was to create a space in which to feel comfortable at home. So you can have coffee with friends and talk or work. Although there are a lot of places in the cafe, I tried to make people feel intimate.

Project description

Describing the interior design given in more detail I could say the following. The cafe is equipped with modern equipment, which is made mainly of wood and metal. This creates a harmony with the floor and walls that are painted in a pale beige and decorated with harmoniously placed geometric figures. The whole space is lit by natural light that passes through large French windows. Artificial lighting is provided by suspended lamps. Accents of the given space are the colored furniture, and the floor.

Technical information

The cafe located on an area of ​​18 * 12
The supporting structure, the columns, are made of reinforced concrete. So I could use those huge windows to get some daylight inside.
Inspired by various interior design journals and 3d furniture models, I opted for a modern geometric design.
The walls, 3 meters high, were decorated with geometric figures inspired by the African style.


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