Renovation compost toilet

Jeffrey Top
University of Curaçao mr. dr. Moises Frumencio da Costa Gomez (UoC)

Project idea

Based on our trip to Brasil we were fascinating about the use of a compost toilet. With this project we would like to renovate one of our school toilet units. This would benefit the university in their monthly cost for using less water and their monthly payments of cleaning septic tank. Even our own cafeteria could use this same compost for planting and selling of food.

Project description

This project demanded:
1. Use one of the ecological sewage theories learned in Brasil, to renovate the universities toilet units 2. Field inspection 3. Maquette model 4. Material list & cost estimate 5. Instruction guide book or poster (IKEA) 6. Presentation and visuals

Technical information

Before renovating our school unit toilets we had to rotate the position of the toilet, this had to do with the following 3 reasons: positioning sun, wind direction and the space in both width as height. A compost toilet usually needs a ramp to move stool from one point to another. For raising and creating partitions we opted for a wooden frame filled with insulation this is easy and cheap way for this kind of project. The collection boxes consist of partly rammed earth and concrete, you can also choose sandbags or building stones. The material must attract the sun because this will support the process of defecation to compost. The UPVC pipe painted black ensures suction and pulling of the stench in the box, this effect is achieved by the radiation of sun and windflow. By the university using this system all or partly the old sewage systems can be disconnected and the septic is no longer necessary. We also offered to use hand sanitizers instead of the sinks for not use of no water at all.

1. Sketch & choice materials
2. Archicad (technical drawings, presentation)
3. Twinmotion (visuals and presentation)


Curtsoly & Keenah


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