Eco shade rest place

Jeffrey Top
University of Curaçao mr. dr. Moises Frumencio da Costa Gomez (UoC)

Project idea

Inspired by our natural enviroment on Curaçao and our studytrip to brasil we managed to design a shade rest place by using organic materials such as ramped earth, wiggs. gravel and leafs.

Project description

This project demanded:
1. 3d model design 2. Assembling a maquette model as in work 3. field inspection in which a solar study and wind direction is determined 4. only using organic products that can be found on the work field

Technical information

Ramp earth is a great natural construction that is used today for both: interior walls and exterior walls. During our project we took this same construction for making our sofa for the tourists. The sofa is in an arc shape so that the person has the choice to sit or stand. The sofa is constructed with a bottom layer of cement, ramped earth and a top layer of cement. The top layer and bottom layer of cement ensures that no rinsing can take place during the rainy period on the island. Ramped is soil mixed with cement, by doing this it creates a strong adhesion just like with soil improvement. This also ensures that the chance of salt deposits or washout during precipitation of the grains of soil is minimal. The so-called tent is made up of branches and thatch just like the premises of palapas on our island, these provide both shadow and the wind can blow in and out of the tent. Creating a little windflow of under and above pressure is necessary in the hot months.

Our workmethod:
1. Sketch, choice of material (designs, sun study, wind direction)
2. Sketchup (3d model and location)
3. Archicad (Technical drawings and presentation)
4. Twin motion (visualizations)


Wilson & Keenah


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