Spaghetti bridge contest

Jeffrey Top
University of Curaçao mr. dr. Moises Frumencio da Costa Gomez (UoC)

Project idea

My inspiration for this project was led by a mountain nearby our school campus. Our goal as group was based on a phrase: "less is more". By doing so we created a bridge with the least use of spaghetti, but with the same strenght abbility like any other group within this contest.

Project description

The spaghetti bridge demanded:
1. Making a structural design; 2. Determining the supporting structure of the design and building a digital 3d model and a maquette thereof; 3. Properly present the "test model", results and observations; 4. After analyzing the results and giving conclusions, substantiated documented improvements are made to the "new design model" 5. Reflecting on the decision-making process and cooperation (jointly and individually)

Technical information

The diameter of a spaghetti bar ensures a strong construction, but also a heavy construction. This is why we chose to be the only group to ensure that the thickness of a spaghetti bar is left at 3 bars, the result was a lighter construction. In our first test analysis we came to the conclusion that a triangle construction and placing the right joints in the right place is crucial.
This is why we chose to split the bridge into 3 parts:
1. Upper construction: aesthetic and balance
2. Middle construction: the carrier and the connector (fink truss construction)
3. Under construction: aesthetic and balance

Our workmethod:
1. Sketch (idea's & inspiration)
2. Bridge designer (design & analysing structure)
4. Studiying: support structure II TU delft
3. Sketchup (3d model)
4. Archicad (technical drawings)
5 Testmodel (analysis)
6. Final new design (presentation)


Leonard Bakhuis


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