Barham Abdalrahim , Ehsan Reza(Advisor)

Project idea

The crux function of this project is about art, dance, craft which means: harmony, rhythm, sound sculpture, creating new look and face.

Ethnic dance is one of the traditional dance. The designed clothed for this dance encompasses obvious and inspiring harmony with a rhythm in its pattern design that provides vitality to the environment. The sound of architecture. It's about playing architecture. The flexibility of the traditional structure

This traditional dance expressing the life of the community more than that of individuals or couples.
Adding the organic harmony layers to represent the motion and the sense of mobility and vibrancy to reflect the dance concept.

Project description

Providing a utopia for the user :
From the main entrance of the project, the sustainable bridge has been designed which through the user will be guided to the upper level of the amphitheater that comprises all accessibility characteristics.
Walking alongside the bridge gives the project owning sense to the user and facilitates observing the whole project on another level.
The shading area of the bridge has been used for general sitting.
Building the labo area and the cafeteria under the bridge prevents the direct light that faces the roof which led to the natural environment.

From the north-west side of the project the secondary entrance orient the user to amphitheater beyond climbing the ramps or stairs.

Centered outdoor stage as a place of conviviality provide sophistication to the user, several performances perhaps could not perform in the main amphitheater.

The extended parts of the organic shape give a shading sense in the area which has been used for ticket selling and temporal stalls


Regarding the existing blinding that has not been demolished, a new function utilized to this building with covering the buildings by the organic steel rips which incorporate to the other parts of the CDC project led to all areas that have vibrancy and importance.
Solar panels utilized on the top roof of the bridge and the work area building for the ecosystem issue.

Technical information


The white steel portal rips wit an organic shape has been utilized to represent the concept and cover the existing buildings .the white plastering in a traditional method used for finishing the metal structure. The outside wall of the existing building has been finished by traditional brick to give a combination and composition with the steel structure.


Ehsan Reza (Advisor)

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