The Virtue

Aran Perot, Ehsan Reza(Advisor)

Project idea

As the name of CDC came from Choreographic Development Center, and whilst Choreography is the art or practice of designing sequences of movements of physical bodies, using this as continuity and harmony in the design. One of the inspirations derived from the primitive dwellings and African vernacular architecture of early times of building huts, with arched tops, and arched entrances, using this as the shape of half arches in the project. And also using the region's traditional patterns as parametric skin patterns on the building.

Project description

Using a covering folding structure, and a thin patterned skin, which the pattern reflects, the traditional patterns of Burkina Faso. These patterns reflect the direct sunlight to create shading inside. In addition, a ramp connects the landscape with the amphitheater, letting the visitors experience the view and the exhibited arts while welcoming them inside. The main material which is used is Laterite stone, which is a sustainable local material in Burkina Faso and is produced very widely in the region.

Technical information

The geometric pattern on the roof lets natural light to come in, then spreads out by the panels to create a soft light in the interior. The landscape is designed in continuity with the building structure elements, creating seating areas, also respecting the existing trees by shifting the continuity, rather than cutting the tree. The parametric elements on the groundwork as a rainwater collector during rainy times of the year, with a large area covering, furthermore the extra water which the decorative pool collects run into this collector, for later irrigation and other purposes.


Asst.Prof.Dr. Ehsan Reza

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