The Rhythm

Amanuel Sheferaw Advisor: Ehsan Reza

Project idea

The main idea is “incorporating the culture, environment, and rhythmical pattern into the building”. Architecture growth from the natural local condition and traditions. In Africa (Burkina Faso) it is a place that has such rich indigenous culture and traditions. When we see the contextual architecture, it is captivated by construction composition and design patterns. The idea of the project starts with this unique cultural concept. The design of the building interprets the dancing movement pattern of Burkina Faso's cultural dance. The building, cultural patterns have having common rhythm which is a unique vertical and fractal geometrical pattern inside.

Project description

According to the site analysis, the main intention of the design is to renovate the identity of the area, creating a place of cultural diversity and a plurality of creative practice and disciplines. Starting from the given existing site block, providing an additional program of function for the demand by keeping the existed structure of Amphi space and Expanding the existing stage to accommodate the current given space demand, adding a program which is related to the work area, using the topography for the program and the rest leveling to the site compound, also replacing the existing amphitheater fence to normal ground to interact with the main Amphi program. And the other new proposal such as classrooms, offices, working areas Lebo areas is proposed by respecting the existing green pattern as a focal point to integrate with nature and improve the green belt concept with the hard space. Using compacted earth block and adobe respond high specific heat capacity, low embodied energy, and keeping local building culture are used for enhancing the idea of sustainability through the perspective of economic, social, environmental concern.

Technical information

Start from the material, it is made of locally available material with local skill and the carbon footprints are low, such example for Burkina Faso is earth eco-building, adobe, and wood. They are a directly positive response to the sustainable building: high specific heat capacity, inherent phase change properties, locally available material with low embodied energy. It has also the advantage to keep the traditional value of using earth material in Burkina Faso.
The main stage is 15m * 17m or 245 m2
Backstage is 56 m2 close to the main stage and other primary programs
Classroom two of them are 245m2 which can be a circus, dancing Classrooms, the two are 105 m2 for other learning purposes


Advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Ehsan Reza

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