Modular Theater Populaire

Milos Tasevski, Anastasija Naunova Filipova
UACS | University American College Skopje

Project idea

According to our research on the Burkina faso area where the theater is located , we decided that the best solution is to use modular prefabricated containers. They can be easily transported and installed.
We have chosen two different types of container sizes 300/600/300cm and 300/700/300cm.
Our design is completely based on combining and stacking the containers together.

Project description

The work area is made up of the Stage 24m/17m , the back stage for 20 performers ( 10 containers with two dressing rooms and one toilet ) , a meeting room with a kitchen, the room for technicians, storage room made up from eight containers with a double hight with an open terrace, one sewing workshop, a technical cabin, and one container with toilets, also there is truck access to the work area and parking for four cars.

The show area is combined and re design with the auditorium, on the entrance of the theatre there is a ticket point and an info point, the path to the auditorium is equipped with six pop-up stores and a coffee shop with a seating area.

The labo area is connected with the work area and is made up with four educational spaces witch two of them are with a height of 3m and two of them have a height of 6m, in this area there is also a modular media room, a co-working space, an archive room, music recording studio, video editing room and a photo studio.

Technical information

The metal containers have dimensions of 300/600 / 300cm and 300/700 / 300cm and are made of steel, have steel columns and beams with dimensions of 11.5 / 11.5cm. the outer walls are aluminum and are the same size as the pillars and beams 11.5 cm.
Containers :
300/600/300cm - 85
300/700/300cm - 29
Total : 114

The work area is 1193m2
The show area is 3997 m2
The labo area is 954 m2
The total built area is 6144 m2
Land area 23294.74 m2


Toni Vasic, PhD


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