Theatre Populaire Desire BONOGO in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Joanphena Nyarigoti
University of Nairobi, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Design

Project idea

The idea behind this project was to design a facility that would encapsulate the cultural values and norms of the local people. The design also aimed to be inspirational, a source of employment and business, the pride of the citizenry.

In this project it was important to try and capture the people’s identity as well as foster a sense of community and belonging within them. This is seen in the incorporation of large communal spaces such as courtyards that allow social interaction.

Other factor that were considered include: incorporation of local technology and materials as well as labor and design of spaces that were environmentally sound. This is seen in the use of materials of high thermal mass, cross ventilation within the spaces as well as sun shading of the openings

In terms of aesthetic it was important to design using materials and that complement the natural environment. This is seen in the use of natural stone and bricks as well as timber which is locally sourced and blends in effortlessly with the existing context

Project description

The design comprises of different building blocks. The master planning whole site was guided by the various functions
Spaces that serve similar functions have been clustered together i.e.
-The WORK area
-The SHOW area
-The LABO area

These clusters are connected using a central courtyard that acts as a gathering space allowing people to interact and engage in various communal activities that further promotes unity

Both vehicular circulation and pedestrian circulation have been provided for within the project
Vehicular circulation has been reduced by providing a communal parking space

The presence of well-defined pedestrian paths throughout the site to enable access to the blocks.

All the spaces also have been Single banked with a walkway around. This allows air moment from the interior spaces to the central courtyard

The design also tries to conserve the existing building and incorporate them with the newer structures so as to make the overall design appear one.

Technical information

Full technical details and specification such as master plan, technical drawings, visualization as well as other relevant documentation. Please always provide English translation for your entries.

Construction materials used include:

-Brick walls of 300mm thickness this increases distance for heat to penetrate the interior spaces
-Operable timber louvers with absence of glass for the windows
These are provided on opposite walls loured windows allowing natural cooling and cross ventilation within the spaces
-Perforated walls have also been used to allow air movement
- the roof structure is made of iron sheets that have been supported by timber battens

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