Hotel ****

Romana Chvalova
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The base idea is to connect the hotel with a walking terrace of metro in single height level. The look of the hotel is designed in a contrast with surrounding bald apartment buildings. Its organic shape, together with the metro terrace, will give this location a new spirit.

Project description

The subject of this project is the design of a hotel **** in Sluneční quare in Prague 13.
The hotel is going to be a new dominant of Prague 13. It will have a view over Central park and Prokopské valley. The architectural solution is based
on the location in the center of urban composition. It is located between a square and a park.

Technical information

The building has 25 floors - 22 above and 3 below surface. Its foundation is designed with consideration of near metro station. The whole structure is reinforced with concrete core in the centre. Horizontal reinforcement is made with concrete wall which separate hotel rooms. In first four floors and the underground floors, there are rounded steel columns filled with reinforced concrete.
This hotel is designed according to low energy standards. Air condition is planned in the whole building. Part of the design was to prevent over-heating of the interior. For that reason a new technology of smart tinting Halio glass was used. There was also made a study regarding water management. As much water as possible from washbasins and shower is filtered and reused for watering greenery in the hotel and surrounding grounds and also used to fill water fountains.

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