Anna Solts, Saamuel Rammo
Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia

Project idea

The aim of the project was to design a Sustainable Development Park, located in Saint-Denis, France, combining residential, educational and recreational functions.
The challenge was to convert the zone of post-industrial site into a green living, learning and recreation area respecting both traces of historical heritage of the place and modern neighborhood sustainable development needs. In order to achieve these goals, the project uses the concept of urban knot, a community area that values connection between quarter residents, the flow of urban fabric and the modular buildings solution with modern sustainable development needs.

Project description

Green area that was created will become the local center of gravity, attracting inhabitants and visitors to spend their time in enclave of nature or just stop by on their passage from historical center of Saint-Denis. Historical warehouse on the site is preserved and reopened as a public school. The urban quarter is developed around the school, which will become a connection knot between residents.
There are 11 new apartment buildings on the site with the variating height from 4 - 7 floors. The ground floor has either commercial or parking function. Overall there are 250 new apartments in the quarter. The school building is two storeys high and has two playgrounds on each side. It is designed to imitate a caricature of how a child might draw a house: the gable roof and frameless looking windows were carefully designed to give a playful and positive feel.
A public park is designed on the southern part of the plot. Certain parts of it are altered in height and the roads are cut into the landscape to create an interesting walkway. Also, there is a possibility for the visitors to seed plants on the border of the walkway. This opportunity could connect people of the quarter.

Technical information

The facades are made from wood, metal and plaster. Details of buildings constructions are provided below.

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