Brawijaya University, Malang

Project idea

Inspired by the true events of a child who experiences an unexpected journey into a diaspora in a foreign region that makes him choose one of two choices; to adapt or adjust in response to the stimulus he gets from his new environment. This design is full of shades of memorabilia, sentimental, and rite that awaken to the mouth of a dramaturgy story which called ‘Dramaturgi Sang Klana’ or dramaturgi for every wanderer life. Dramaturgy is analogous to a garden filled with flowers, the flower itself is a representation of a diaspora that has the color of its own story. Therefore this project is intended to facilitate the diaspora to gather at the same time contemplate with the horizon as a step to make peace with the unrest that has been felt by every traveler in doing a diaspora.

Project description

This project was designed using the phenomenological method with locus at Ibnu Salam Nurul Fikri Islamic Boarding School in Banten, Indonesia. Originated from the recessive narrative descriptive process of 'unexpected diaspora' which produced sub themes in the form of memorabilia, sentimental, and rite that played a role in this design and were explored more deeply. In the exploration process, the theme for design is 'dramaturgy the klana' or dramaturgi for every wanderer life. Bramanta is a park with an open space concept for recreation and contemplation for travelers in the diaspora. Site project is located in a special economic zone in Tanjung lesung, Banten in Indonesia. This park is designed with due regard to global needs that still apply local cultural values such as cultural enrichment in gathering and contemplation activities. This project is designed so that the diaspora contemplates facing a wide and deep horizon in line with the eco-spiritual values to be conveyed. In addition to using environmentally friendly construction materials with good design while minimizing negative impacts on the surrounding environment (eco technique). This project supports the government's plan for a special economic zone which is expected to attract tourists to come and interact with the design (eco mental).

Technical information

The design is equipped with siteplan, layout, block plan and other technical drawings that support the design explanation. There are also other supporting visualizations such as perspective drawings from various project areas.

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