The Blue House

Julio Alvarenga
School of Architecture of the University Dr. José Matias Delgado
El Salvador

Project idea

It is a dynamic housing project that responds to the economic needs of a Salvadoran family.

Project description

It is a house that contains 2 independent apartments for rent OR FAMILY SAFETY CONCEPT "SOCIAL DISTANCING" Given the current situation of pandemic by COVID19, at the same time designed under a bioclimatic approach and prepared for future changes.

Technical information

The blue house has an internal house and 2 external complete apartments, parking for 2 cars, a water mirror, a garden, a cistern for water and metal curtains to control airflows and natural lighting and a roof with a 13 ° latitude from it. Salvador to after install solar panels.


My dad, civil engineer, Julio E. Alvarenga.

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