Non-stop seduction. The Open Air Theater

Miloš Kapetanović
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia

Project idea

To seduce is to become fragile. To seduce is to die as reality and to be produced as a delusion. In such a dynamic, by using theatrical backdrop and curtain, the principle of disappearing and the evaporation of the décor of the real is realized. The fact it refuses to surrender directly and fully, opens up the mythological potential and the question of what is behind. Seduction is the aesthetic of disappearance.

Project description

The landscape of the Great War Island becomes the subject of the oneiric image projection. The coming tide disrupts the orientation of the horizon and raises the question of the cosmological order of time and space. The Great Oneiric Flood is an introduction to the problem of the Bigness.

Technical information

A landscape fragment becomes a scenery. Scaling the classical elements of theater complicates the programming mode, causing its fragility that cannot be completely controlled by an architectural gesture. A dream is more of an event than an architectural program. The performance of a theater piece in a programmatic fissure turns into spatial acrobatics.

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