Community Center in Guapulo_quito_Ecuador

Cristian Ribadeneira
Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Cumbaya, Ecuador, Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseno Interior

Project idea

The COMMON CENTRE is a topic that will be developed as a basic idea, which tries to expose the DIFFUSED which can be the relationship between Space + Program + User under a unifier (ROOF). The program and the space in which the user is going to develop can no longer fulfill a single function, they have to be multifunctional and playful so that it belongs to the user and not the other way around. In this way, the project is shaped by a variety of systems that create a NUCLEUS in which interrelationship, learning, and play will be more effective in front of the human experience they have in the building, self-generating an identity of the habit GUÁPULO'S STUFF. The architectural project is focused on personal development and the sector of Guápulo.
The appropriation, cooperation, interaction, and self-sufficiency of the users on the project will be the following are some of the most dynamic aspects of the development of this proposal. The APPROPRIATION of the common areas must The project, therefore, includes a program of training for the community. The system will be overlayed and connected, which will make users wonder. The DEAMBULACION is accumulating information and therefore learning from their environment. Thus giving greater interaction between users and at the same time personal development, promoting UNION of all users by becoming a social

Project description

The project is in Guapulo, a sector of decreasing usefulness that has become an area of short stay with many social issues. Guapulo’s location between geographical faults and topographic adaptations allows Guápulo to be a potential point of cultural and social
development. Inviting a better flow of people and reviving the area will improve the quality of life of Guapuleños and additionally provide better treatment to visitors. Being a connecting point between the valleys and Quito, Guapulo’s refurbishing should be inevitable as more
and more people want to travel through areas which are pleasant, and also interesting and safe. However, lack of activities and public spaces holds back development in Guapulo, leaving more problems than successes. In the project approach, it is thought that a community center would solve these problems by providing Guápulo a new point of cultural, religious, and community meetings. The architectural project is focused on the personal development of the Guápulo sector. The
location of the community center, next to a Guapulo landmark will enhance the central area of the sector and in turn, will provide spaces for different uses. By doing so, there will be an enhanced sense of community, thereby encouraging cooperation, interaction, and self-
sufficiency. (Torterola, 2010)
The use of communal areas is fundamental for the development of the community, so the project includes a varied program that will encourage wandering. Wandering will motivate learning from the environment and interaction between citizens, further promoting personal development and community building. Common space and communal areas serve to develop the core idea: “All under one roof” which aims to highlight the relationships between spaces, the program, and people. Space and project can no longer have only a single purpose, and must instead be multifunctional and fun, so that the space belongs to those that use it. It is necessary that the building creates spaces encouraging interrelatedness and play, relating more deeply to the human experience and the identity of the people of Guapulo.

Technical information

The project location, where no part of a master planer, but it must have a huge impact on the development of this area. The different aspects that the project goes for were to form a community with a diverse program that increases the cultural location.

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