Interior Design

Limassol Design Center

Stefanos Drousiotis
Alexander College, University of the West of England (UWE)

Project idea

The building is located in Limassol the second largest city of Cyprus, a small island found on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea which in the past few years is well known for its growth in the economic sector as well as in the Design of new modern and well-built structures. Part of the building is meant to be used for commercial purposes as well as for business campaigns. These spaces will be used as an ideal choice of commercial designing departments in order to focus on latest promotional designs where people could meet over and take a closer look on the latest technologies and ideas.

Project description

The Building is divided to six main areas and stuff rooms, sanitary rooms. The ground floor will turn into a showroom of materials as well as the workspace of the Interior Design and Architecture Departments. The mezzanine which is considered with the ground floor will be transformed into a gaming design department as well as a lounge area for the visitors to sit and relax. The first floor will become an open space for the visitors to walk around and conveniently take a look over the Product Design and the Industrial Design departments. Moreover, the second floor will include an open space lounge area, a hall theater, as well as an entertainment gaming area. The roof garden, although not considered an open office space, will also be an open space in its own merits as it will be separated in various sections which will include the cafeteria, the restaurant, the lounge area and the Art and Design Exhibition Department.

Technical information

The dominating features of the building are its concrete exterior as well as its wooden rough surfaces. The surface finish of the pillars and arch is designed of concrete trowel. To complement the arches some of the walls are without surface finish as well. The floor is designed with the same approach as the pillars. The most interesting feature of the building is its exterior design where it has been created by the influential idea of a “seed” while it's in the process of growing into a plant. However, the front exterior of the building is covered by aluminium panels which transforms it into an environmental building (sustainable) because of the solar systems that are hidden underneath the aluminium panels and it is the benefit of the structure because it absorbs heat from the sun and transforms it into electricity for daily power and night illumination.

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