Urban Design and Landscape

Evergreen highlands

Tereza Kozlíková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The whole concept is to create an arboretum adjacent to the device (lookout point, cafe...), which will have wide use. Target groups include families with children, but also young couples, athletes, older people -- not only citizens of Ford and the surrounding area, but also new visitors, mainly because of the location at the new bypass. I'm trying to deal with the complex barrier-free, both for immobile and for parents with strollers. I choose the overall proposal to do nothing to disturb the surroundings. I'm trying to find materials mainly natural, commonly available. Because Guardian Hill is surrounded by roads, I try to avoid concrete elements, creating a place to relax and have fun even under such conditions.

Project description

Access, the proposed bike path Main is to lead people to the main object, so the main road from the car park (from the Jihlavska road) leads to the very place where the proposed state will be. The route, which will run from the east side, should only be intended for pedestrians and cyclists, which will also link directly to the object. Designed is an approximately 300m cycle path that would follow just the path leading in front of the Dolík. This would create an approach mainly for cyclists and pedestrians. Learning boards The whole site should be accompanied by learning boards that will represent the history already mentioned. They should be placed around roads and also at prospects. When entering from the east side, there should be information boards on what is on the premises. Gazebos, seating Among other suggestions include seating and gazebos, wooden benches will be placed around trails. Tackling gazebos is possible in more ways than one, designing classic wooden gazebos or so-called living gazebos, the most common being willows, which create a unique living structure.

Technical information

Children's playground One of the main attractions of the complex, the playground will be tackled from natural materials treated to make it safe for children, while it will also have a sitting option for parents. The playground should contain basic elements such as swings and slides, others will include a crawler, sandbox, or various logs and trunks that will be used for climbing. Workout and parkour playground For these elements, there are 2 possible solutions, one being a design made of natural materials of construction, floor. And the other possible solution is classic, which is common in cities. This solution has different colour variants that can be lightly combined, but the natural design does nothing to disturb the visual side of the complex. Car park parking only from the side of the Jihlavska road. The total capacity should be about 15-20 cars. Car charging stations should also be located in the car park. The parking area should not be conspicuous from the road, given the proposed trees. The trees will act as protection from the wind.

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