Contemporary library in a manufacturing building

Špela Ščančar
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of architecture, Ljubljana

Project idea

City of Tržič has a rich industrial and crafts heritage which is seen in the structure of the city itself. There are areas of abandoned industrial buildings, housing for workers and workshops in the old city center. Because of the very dense city structure close to the river banks people are moving out and services with them. With diverse intervention municipality is trying to attract people in the city.
Project idea is to change old empty manufacturing building to a contemporary library together with other complementary culture program and bring social life of citizens back into town as a union of public program and is promoting revitalization of the old city center. Main idea focuses on importance of the heritage and the fact that the building is located in historically protected city center.

Project description

At the very beginning project is dealing with understanding the location and the building itself. After location analysis and building development, which is closely connected with the development of industry and city, main concept about renovation was made. It starts with valorization and through demolition, reconstruction and new parts gives three program separated parts of the building connected together wit courtyard to one cultural union in the hart of the city center. the idea is represented through concept drawing and detailed plans, visualization. End result is offering answer on the level of design, architecture and construction.

Technical information

concept drawing and representational schemes, master plan, floor plans on the level of idea and detail, collage-like visualizations

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