Automotive museum

Ali Joursaraei
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The automotive industry has always been the inspiration for artists to look to the future, seeking for illusions and functions simultaneously. but for the birth of a new language of designing in our generation, reorganizing an artistic understanding to automotive industry, a return to deep identity-based roots and symbols is felt. The truth of today's world architecture is that it lacks the ability in architecture to communicate emotionally with its audience, instead of a perceptual dialogue that has created a hostile monologue and architecture completely out of human perception. Is. Space and atmosphere can be much more effective in human life if they create a heterotopia and action space instead of focusing on machine-machine creation. We call this design style "Active Dream".

Project description

This project is located in the vicinity of several renowned automotive companies, the project is designed to showcase the entire process of automotive manufacturing and design as well as conceptual products for the target audience. There is also a section dedicated to a school for automotive\industrial design course and researches.

Technical information

In the dialectical process of creation, for this project I used a conceptual approach to the program, with a critical look at breaking stereotypical structures in these types of buildings. Heterotopia method of designing has also been used for the creation of internal space and spatial communication.

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