Tennis Club

Elmedina Pereziq
Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul

Project idea

The subject of the Studio Design 1 was to design a tennis club in Buyukcekmece ,Istanbul ,Turkey.Büyükçekmece is a district and municipality in the suburbs of Istanbul, Turkey. Near the project place there are bascket ball centers,futboll fields, water sports club and residet buildings.

Project description

The reason to be parallel to the main road and the parking area also when we talk about Tennis field North and South orientation is mostly the answer, because the earth doesn't spin straight up and down on its axis, but instead at a 23.5 degree tilt, it doesn't want to be true north and south. By arranging tennis courts at 22 degrees from true north it will maximize the usability of tennis courts year round. Instead, the sun will strike tennis nets at a pleasant angle, away from either player's eyes.Considering all these reasons, I came to creating a four part complex.The complex is formed by four parts:First part includes the entry and the waiting rooms, the Second part includes administration,health area and,hospitality areas,the Third part includes fitness club,squash tennis areas and ping pong playing zone and the Fourth part includes a half olympic pool and the tennis fields.

Technical information

The basic concept of the urban conception of the Tennis Club is the creation of a dominant perspective axis that connects four different centers of sporting activities and additional civic buildings. This perspective axis is also important for visitors, as Buyukcekmece area is quite extensive and confusing.
The entrance to the club is accessible from two sides and provides the convenience of spreading the crowd at the time of the Games.The entrance area of the Tennis Club is directly linked to the main road of Riza Kucukoglu pasa. .Near the main road takes part main entry where you'll get in an open area that spreads the visitors to the restaurant or to the tribunes,and the tennis players to the changing rooms and then to the playing areas that they want to go.

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