Design of a public building with a simple function "Floral salon"

Maxim Sarychev
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Russian Federation

Project idea

The idea of the project is that people can use the flower salon, as well as provide comfortable and convenient conditions for moving.

Project description

The project is made in the style of Barn House, using
environmentally friendly materials. Landscaping was designed: consisting of 3 arbors, arches replacing lampposts, flowerbeds with elevation gradients and a "web" swing, benches are built into flowerbeds to preserve convenient ways of movement using the lawn on the ground, to give a more vivid sense of nature around. A bike path is rolled. The facade uses panoramic windows to the floor, this ensures a greater illuminance of the interior and causes a more comfortable psychological state in a person. Side canopies are made in white, sharply contrasted color, thereby attracting the main attention and serve as a dominant, as well as perform the function of water drainage. The interior is made in the style of Loft. There is a park for 3 seats, with the possibility of a comfortable exit and entry of unloading and service vehicles, with the ability to pick up garbage without hiding. Most of the trees that were on the territory were preserved, the original pedestrian paths remained unchanged.

Technical information

The project has drawings and design diagrams, a general plan, a building plan, 2 sections, visualization of the facade and landscaping from the side of the street and the interior. There are also location schemes of the facade in space and in the territory.
The type of structures is selected - frame, the building is a temporary structure.
The step of the supporting structures is 2.5 m.
The gene plan shows the main pedestrian and road routes. And nearby buildings.
The plan is made so that a person can easily enter and immediately go to the reception, get advice on choosing a plant, go to the room, or to the florist’s office. Refrigerators with flowers are located in the room, optimally close to the reception, the toilet is optimally close to the room, rooms the warehouse and staff are immediately led directly to the florist’s room and office, the rooms with the technical part are located next to the emergency exit, without disturbing the staff and people, there is an emergency exit with the ability to unload flowers and immediately transfer them to the warehouse. avnogo entry is made in the form of a ramp, for optimum arrival with limited mobility and other people. The sections show the transverse and longitudinal sections, and their structural connections.
The visualizations show the main views of the project, the interior from the main entrance.
Total area of ​​the territory 2322.12 m^2
Building area 198.25 m^2
The area of ​​the planted lawn is 488, 79 m^2
Concrete coating area 193.14 m^2
Parking area 212.47 m^2
Area of ​​improvement 448.95 m^2
The area of ​​pedestrian paths is 317.68 m^2
The area of ​​flower beds is 413.38 m^2


Sidorkin Igor Vladimirovich and Kazantseva Evgenia Alexandrovna

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