Bus Terminal Design

Eman Boshiha
Benghazi University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Benghazi

Project idea

This project was requested by our university to aim learning design methods of transportation.
We have chosen the previous bus terminal location (Elsabri), that is no longer exists due to known circumstances in Benghazi city.
My purpose was to design a modern and sustainable ( in terms of orientation) international bus terminal.
Project concept:
The main idea of my building form was going with the site and surrounding buildings lines, which formed sharp edges and elements close to triangles, then i used the same technique ( sharp edges, triangle forms) in my elevations and the roof. ( will be much more clarified in the diagrams).

Project description

Building Orientation:
The building was oriented North according to the importance of the project ( bus stop), to insures that the buses and the departures are not exposed to the sun. however, I added shades to protect departures from rain.
On the other hand, I located the offices and shops South, due to high temperature and disturbing wind in my country.
Ground Floor: Departures, arrivals and service functions such as mail and first aid are opened to the buses. however, the other side of the building is offices, praying room, and administration ( has private entrance for employees). I added a central interior park that gives ventilation aesthetic view to visitors.
First Floor has a double volume that gives a view to the people in the food-court and the stores up there.

Technical information

Construction Details:
on the ground floor roofing i used waffle slaps that gives the ability to use a columns up to 20 meters, beside the first floor roofing (diagonal) i used trusses installed to shear walls ( its clarified in plans by red color and more details clarified in the section).
Material used in building, concrete walls because it is locally most available in our country, also fiber glass on the roof.
On the elevation i used sun breakers in the southern facade to protect the building from the sun and the annoying wind according to our weather ( Benghazi).

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