Water tambourine double amphitheater

Facultad arquitectura y urbanismo universidad nacional de la plata

Project idea

How could knew? “casually” since 2013 year ends I have this design was from concepts of sound “an amphitheater… I could say just the sounds draw this… Surrealism… an water tambourine”

and obviously "not have better thing to do than appear here in this space"

About the terms and policies here?: If I think if I must talk about me in this space if in its in case I want be recognited like a subject like tadao ando (avoiding an extreme idea like that I have an evil twin… an resume without exaggeration) thinking honestly in the quality of my characteristical extremes abstractal compositions now or next someday talking with conscience honestly seems in the history the next of the brutalism (if make an analysis of the history for me was a real last age “not this ages” I talk about brutalism even without forget the begin the starts was with Corbusier if I know think I must say) its mine “the conceptual brutalism age… for me named” like in their ages was Louis kahn later tadao ando…
Really believe and could say I really could bet my life that I could win inspireli at least two times without doubts with respectly two huge works (thinking about an work from representative actual year if one is a real professional like also too fews its impossible an work from this year or next in my case in the nature of reach my mature state without forget first like intellectual there its a lot of works just from many years in the maduration or a phase but in my case maybe make all my most part of my works since 2013,2014 and 2015) thinking next just try entry at this contest when I will have or could grant a contact involucrated into the university that I represent, etcetera… I am inscripted but I left since 2013 now I am not into regular condition and even takes a year maybe appear like regular into faculty “now need job all the work that I could make to next maybe grant me an pension like docent if I must define I am in the for me dream of be technic drawing master” ., really wasted ruined and frustred I worked on my owns since 2013 to think grant me have an professional interview and or characteristical consideration… deducing me the next time in inspireli its living alone finishing my lefted studies university and because that I really think that I could win with huges also like beautiful works… what could be the damned reason because I could trust in not have an facebook “etceteras” account working? And I must say? Really I was tried to kill.

Project description

Honestly the most important for me the “couch” against the amphitheater also the “pool” geometries in this the water in its nature condition state like physical material an construction material to rebound amplify the sound… what more could say? “double accesed” Its an double amphitheater two amphiteaters in one I remains just in tell If I make an brief all the knowledge the sounds draw this.
An new limits into construction could draw maybe build this too minimal of elements “minimal extreme abstractal minimalism composition from conceptual brutalism”
Here the minimal but complete architecture documentation its in 1:100 scale and original paper size A1 each one if want plot into laser quality... if want plot this in ink first must decrease tone levels using image edition software.

Technical information

Not have times for make calculations but for me seems in this case needs aluminum concrete more my steel structures the for me invented crossed stereo-structures



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