Exhibition House "I'm in the dark"

Ali Joursaraei
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

The project was designed to be psychologically influential to all visitors, as well as to identically represent the art and artistic style of the galleries and shows that are presented. Different applications are designed for this project. A villa for the artist who is passionate about Salvador Dali paintings, art exhibitions, and venues for local and indigenous performances.

Project description

The components of cognition that are influential in the dialectical process of architectural creation, especially in rational design, inside and outside the project can be identified. In the first stage, it is the complexity or simplicity of the layout of the design that forms the form of the plan and thus the size of the layout. In the design process other practical aspects such as site features, structures and materials are less important. The architect's job should be to respond to the client's needs physically and mentally in the context of the project, so the plan is based on the performance plan, the second factor behind the plan, site and project context recognition. The client's application and site are created by the creation partner and allow him or her to influence it. On the site, however, issues such as soils, surface water disposal, and access to consumable water can also be mentioned. Also the legal limitations of construction in the design area include zoning of building types, height and density of the building, proximity to the street body, and occupancy level.

Technical information

Something similar to painting To begin the design process of this project, techniques were first used in Salvador Dali paintings. For example, I first designed and explored the atmosphere and atmosphere of the dominant identity in design, and then defined the form of all spatial relationships and uses for the form, using the dialectical process of formation. This design can convey meaning to the audience from the designer's active imagination at several levels of perception. And, of course, to deepen the emotional impact of different art events, some parts of the project can be adapted to emphasize the dynamics of the project.

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