Residence and fire center in the forest

Ali Joursaraei
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea

Given the need today in many countries, including Australia, to threaten animal species and indoor plants in any wildfire, the need to create a set of conditions for investigation, research, observation and care of different conditions. The hazards that arise in the forest are critical.
I have come to understand the concept of designing this project deeply from the way koalas move and live on the trees, these animals with their unique body shape and the beautiful color they have made them very exciting and inspiring for this project.

Project description

It can be mentioned in the abstract and expressionism way of analyzing for this project how I tried to convey my meaning with an specific form:
1- Trying to create chaos and contrast in and between environment / space and architecture
(Sensory interference, contrast of materials, colors, ambiguity and intertextuality in project form and concept).
2- Being responsive to the site and audience minimally, to facilitate the dialectical process of perception.
3- Discover the identity of contextual / native architecture styles and crystallize it within the project.
4- Expressionism architecture at first glance to the audience, albeit in different perceptual stages and in temporal actions, brings different dimensions of meaning to the audience.
5- The form's meaning transforms through a process of silence to the chaos and enigmatic level.
6- the most important feature of this type of design is that the design is fully reflective of the contextual-atmosphere of its own context and history. And as it approaches the rhythm and harmony of contextual architecture, on several levels it transmits its meaning to the audience's imagination.
7- An overview of the unreal world of "what should be and isn't" in conjunction with concept and context.
8- Creating Heterotopia Space Using Identity, Forms, sensational elements, and Spatial Relationships in contextual architecture.
9- The use of the imaginary perception to feel and manipulate the reality.
To create an architectural work in a way that identically-sensory as well as context-oriented architecture, with signs and components familiar to the audience and its user, in a way that brings the sense of unity and belonging to the place to life, Rules can be considered that each lead to the understanding and psychological impact of the effect at different levels of perception for the user / audience.

Technical information

In the process of form creation, one must always choose a way to transform the monologue of contemporary architecture into an identity-emotional dialogue. In fact, whatever is said to express an idea or concept or even the purpose of the project are the only words that are poetically combined to create an emotion in the audience, but no one can perceive all levels without being in the atmosphere of the environment. Identity and its effects on life, as well as the subconscious mind of the audience. It is my belief that there is only one mind ready to create a project in this way that can receive poetry, identity and responsiveness to performance and function simultaneously.



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