hospital in Aleppo

Sarah Ibrahimbasha
ebla private university
Syrian Arab Republic

Project idea

the project is inspired by the art of Islamic Arab ornamentation and its transformation into three-dimensional figures
For the main building I use the rombic dodecahedron to design the tetrahedron and also tried truncated octahedron to form the building I think that the second choice is more suitable for the floor plan design I will try to develop it

Project description

My project is a medical complex that contains a general hospital, cancer hospital, children's hospital, .....and also includes two towers and researches centers. I designed the general hospital, cancer hospital, and residential tower .when designing the buildings. I noticed that the units that make up the project are the same in all buildings because of the attached module and now i want to develop this medical complex by designing prefabricated units that form the existing blocks and give them flexibility to expand or remove at the end of the project life where we can move and reinstall it to form buildings with different functions .
Also the use of symmetrical shapes around different axes forms buildings with strong design and Complex shapes which give intertwined block and each block throws its shadow over the adjacent mass to create shaded areas and sunny areas . It`s a technique widely used in the Arab regions called solar breakers where it is not desirable to use flat surfaces in hot areas, especially flat roofs because it is exposed to direct sunlight its also help to give the blocks different heights to take advantage of shadows and keep away from flat roofs

Technical information

In the main buildings the general hospital the use of contrast in architecture has been achieved between the glass tetrahedron and the stone block interfering with it and the other building Cancer treatment hospital form from triangles intertwined with each other in different scales
Why truncated octahedron prefabricated unite design ?
How do we partition 3d space into pocket with volume one to minimize the surface area between them?
motivated by soup foam lord kelvin eponym of the temperature unit kelvin asked this question in 1887 and he conjectured this solution kelvins proposed solution in comprised of truncated octahedron which are formed by taking a octahedron and chopping off all six of its corners but with a slice of curve on the hexagonal faces they neatly packet together with four truncated octahedron meeting at each vertex
this structure give the building flexibility to expand or change and also we can make it from a lighter structure than the ordinary structure we use today

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