Gradient Tower - Oxfam Headquarter

Chiu Yin Chit
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Project idea

This is a high-rise headquarter project for Oxfam in Hong Kong Causeway Bay. Imagine a world free of poverty and related injustices, where everyone enjoys wellbeing and rights. At Oxfam, we understand that injustice and structural exploitation are the root causes of poverty. To address these issues, we adopt a holistic, practical, innovative and sustainable approach in our advocacy, research, education, development and humanitarian relief programs. Across the globe, we work closely with underprivileged women and men, partner organizations, fieldworkers, volunteers, governments and local communities to achieve the goal of a ’world without poverty’.

Project description

In this project, I try to respect the poverties. I adopt the ladder type of the t tenement house in the Oxfam headquarter, moreover, I keep the vertical line in this commercial tower. The facade design also echoes to the organization, I adopt the aluminum panels on the facade, and make a ‘solid to void’ effect. Solid relates to the facade of the tenement house, and the void relate to the facade of the high-rise curtain wall facade design.

Technical information

In the podium design, I put the coffee shop, exhibition place, library, and playground in it. Happiness is simple, I hope that people can get the happiness in the space, whatever they are rich or poverty.

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