Seventy ninth sense

Aylar Ordouie
soore University
Islamic Republic of Iran

Project idea


in this project, it tries to investigate the needs of urban life that has hitherto been less studied and designed based on the creation of the idea of this project as well as a different design.

The purpose of the project

in the past, not far from the city of Tehran has its own architectural identity, but the massive and non - coherent increase in recent events has caused both rupture and failure, one of the objectives of this project is to address this issue.
The "seventy ninth sense" project has emerged as an effective element in the city of Tehran and in the northwest of the province as a separate city with all the facilities needed by a small town to be responsive to population growth and consequently, the loss of green spaces.

Project description

Project Details and Details

12 blocks with different heights (each of which are a particular reason)exist in this region and all are connected to each other with different characteristics and blocks, each of which has a unique feature and different design with other blocks, but the first classes have common features and include business, service, administrative and cultural spaces. in blocks 1, 4, 6, 9 and 10 public spaces (club, library, nursery and …)that are specific to residents of the town and pass through the bridge (open space)to the roof of the next block and the spatial hierarchy is tailored to the limits.
The project site has a considerable slope that has a direct impact on the project formation process, the step step steps lead to different height codes and each of the placed blocks have features that are proportional to its height code and shape its unique form.
The other features of this project can be referred to as a box with a 90 - degree rotation and its motion on the x, y is converted into a residential block (more explanation is available in the presented diagrams).

Project benefits

It is seen as a new structure of the lifestyle that is going to exist in the future, which is made possible due to the dimension of the semantics, including sensory perception, dynamics and movement. Considering the city of Tehran and the region (north west of the province) and considering the limitations and features of the project, it was applied in this project and the project strategy became a small town, a city in the middle of the city.
Other features of the project are the removal of the land slope problem as a steps and access to service sectors via bridges to other public spaces (roof or other service spaces) that provide appropriate adaptations. Firstly, the project with the construction of a commercial space allows people to interact more closely with each other by entering into this collection.

Technical information

Internal architecture

The growth of population, confusion, and consequently the shrinking of units from problems where large cities are facing and that only one good architecture can be built, the inner architecture of this project will allow us to enlarge as small and large as needed, and adjust the light required for each space according to its location. Also, the design of large balconies along with vegetation, the green space required by increasing the population increasing is well - supplied and has been considered by the creation of moving spaces of circulation.


Yasamin Rahimi

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