Interior Design

Whisky and Rum Bar

Vojtěch Vejvoda, Viktorie Vaňková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The building is located in Senovážná street. Part of the building is meant to be used for commercial purposes. These spaces will be used as bar focused on hight end whisky end rum. For these purposes, bar is designed to be cosy and comfortable. Long term visit is assumed.

Project description

The bar is divided to three main areas and stuff rooms, sanitary rooms. Upon entering the premises, the bar is clearly visible. Cask that are used as a standing table are placed in this area. Other possibilities are standing tables with bar stools and luxurious benches. Second room is equipped with comfy leather chairs offering seating for larger groups of customers. The last part is small lounge with windows to the main street. It too offers comfortable leather chairs. Is meant for smaller secluded groups of people.

Main feature are casks placed near the bar. Which add to the whole atmosphere of whisky and rum. There are four options of sitting to pick from. Two types of bar stools in the bar area. Classic chairs and comfortable armchairs. All seats are leather covered. Which is advantageous for both its looks and durability.

Led strips and bulbs ensure the basic lightning. There are two types of decorative lightning designed. First are suspended bottles with bulb that produce soft light. The second type are direct lights pointing up and down. These lights are placed on the walls.

Technical information

The dominating features of the bar are brick arches, preserved from former days of the building. Surface finish of the pillars is designed as concrete trowel. To complement the arches some of the walls are without surface finish as well. The floor is designed with the same approach as the pillars. Interesting feature in the main sitting room is an installation of steel sheet with a bottle shaped cut out illuminated with led diodes.

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