Michal Hrabánek
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The aim of the project was to create more luxurious accommodation for students, which is situated in the existing campus area called Strahov.
The building is designed as a ground floor building of four identical housing units. In one unit there are four rooms for one and one room for two, also bathroom with toilet, common sitting area and kitchen with dining room.
The main idea is that all units are connected by a main corridor, which, thanks to sliding doors and corners, becomes a very interesting common space.
The common space is illuminated thanks to the luxfer prism glasses that create the facade of the house through the play of lights and shadows.

Project description

The task of the project was to create luxury accommodation for more than 20 students in the campus called Strahov.

Technical information

The object is built of concrete blocks. The front face of the building is formed by luxfer prism glasses.

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