Interior Design

Museum of Uzbek Scientists

Akhmadkhujaeva Malokhatkhon

Project idea

Uzbekistan was in the center of Islamic civilization and scientific development.
In the 10th century there were so many scientists from the land of Uzbekistan that knew multiple sciences in that times.
Three great scientists from Uzbek land are:
1. Abu Reihan Muhammad ibn Ahmed al-Biruni October 4, 973, the city of Kyat, Khorezm, the Samanid state - December 9, 1048 - a medieval Persian encyclopedist scientist and thinker, author of numerous capital works on history, geography, philology, astronomy, mathematics, mechanics, geodesy, mineralogy, pharmacology, geology, etc. Biruni owned almost all the sciences of his time. The list of Biruni's works, compiled by himself around 1036, contains more than a hundred titles. He wrote his scientific works in Arabic and Persian, additionally he predicted that there have to be huge land in the back of Atlantic ocean in 11th century.
2. Abu Ali Husayn ibn Abdullah ibn al-Hasan ibn Ali ibn Sina, known in the West as Avicenna - a medieval Persian scholar, philosopher and physician, a representative of Eastern Aristotelism. He was a court physician of the Samanid emirs and Daimitian sultans, for some time was a vizier in Hamadan. In total, he wrote more than 450 works in 29 fields of science, of which only 274 reached us. The most famous and influential philosopher-scientist of the medieval Islamic world.
3. Abu-l-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Fergani is one of the largest medieval Persian scholars of the 9th century, a Central Asian astronomer, mathematician and geographer. A native of the Ferghana Valley. In Western Europe, was known under the Latinized name Alfraganus.
so many tourists are interested in these scientists that is why Uzbekistan needs the museum specialized to medieval scholars of Uzbek land!

Project description

The museum is made in creative manner, all scientist were involved in sky observation that is why i gave an individual look for it and created the star-like design for this museum.

Technical information

This project made with creativeness and with the mix of national culture.



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